Rank higher for the keywords your customers are searching for!


More and more, Google and other search engines are evaluating the usefulness and relevance of the content on your website. We take that very seriously. The team at Atticus Marketing firmly believes that lazy writing has no place in the internet marketing world.

We strive to write web content with our client’s target market in mind. Well thought out and relevant content results in higher click through rates, goal conversions, and an eventual increase in search engine rankings. Rich content writing is the key to effective search engine optimization.


Here at Atticus Marketing, we call this the ONE-TWO PUNCH! We believe the general customer has two traits that every web marketing strategy needs to overcome: impatience and dependence on mobile technology.

With these two parameters in mind, our web designers make sure all our web projects are responsive (AKA easy to use on any device or screen size) and load quickly. Studies have shown that taking care of these two customer preferences leads to much higher click-through rates and goal conversions.

You have a Dream. We will make it a reality.

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